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Saturday, December 24, 2005

5 Ways to Make Your Website Pay

For would-be online enterpreneurs, there are many aspects to consider. Here are five ways to make sure your online business fits the bill.

1. Get recognized.

Many sites have failed due to being buried at the bottom of a Yahoo list. Do your homework on how to get users into your online space. Linking to online auction sites is sometimes necessary, or teaming up with more established merchants. Either way, no one will buy if they don't show up.

2. Keep an eye on design.

A 'clunky' page turns users off. It's not that your site needs to be 'slick'; it just needs a sense of balance and a kind of aesthetic 'grace'. If you do your best HTML churning or Dreamweaver navigation and the pages still look thrown together, you could enlist the help of a savvy graphic designer. It's what they do.

3. Maintain your copy.

This may seem like a small detail, but spelling and grammatical errors can drive business away. A site with well-pruned text shows the merchant's credibility, and a sloppy sentence can make your business look, well, sloppy. Or worse. Don't overlook the importance of 'clean copy'.

4. Get Paid.

Whether you are including credit card payment portals on your site or using PayPal or another online service to receive customer payments, your site needs to be set up for easy access. Payment should be a painless process on the client side. Otherwise, your customers might be tempted to give up on you.

5. Go after Feed-back.

Suggestions from outside can boost your internet sales, so if you're interested in finding out what your clientele thinks, you can include a 'guest-book' or online suggestion box on your site. As an alternative, you can ask certain individuals to access the site and provide feedback. Attention to these methods will improve your chances of being successful in the wide world of online advertising.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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