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Friday, December 30, 2005

Home Biz Guy, Stone Evans, shares his Money Making Secrets with the World for Free

The world of home based business opportunities is often thought to be filled with empty promises and scams preying on desperate financially strapped people who have dreams of getting out of the rate race once and for all. Unfortunately, this is all too often true. There is always a new too good to be true business opportunity available for only $29.99 promising thousands of dollars for little or not work. Fortunately this is not always the case and there are genuine people out there who have built successful online businesses and who are willing to share their expertise with those interested in learning how to start a successful home based business on the Internet.

Stone Evans, also known as The Home Biz Guy, is one of those genuine individuals. In his free e-book, Dotcomology available at ( , Stone tells the story of how he went from managing a restaurant to owning one of the most successful Internet money making businesses on the Internet. There is no easy get rich quick hocus pocus here. Only the real thing. Stone explains how he would come home from work and work late into the night trying to figure out a system for making money online. Stone finally made it and his successful business continues to grow and flourish on the World Wide Web.

In the e-book, Dotcomology, entrepreneurs just getting started in online business can learn from someone who has not only already done it but continues to do it everyday. So many on the web are selling information on how to start a successful online business claiming how they once made all this money. Stone is different. He is not only giving this information away for free but he is not only claiming last success but his success continues. Stone is doing what he teaches and that is the difference.

For more information and to download the free e-book, Dotcomology, visit

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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