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Monday, December 12, 2005

Making Money Online Selling Other People's Products

Entrepreneurs are Making Big Money Selling Other People's Products

What could be better than making money in a successful home based business by selling other people's products and services? Entrepreneurs all over the world are doing this very thing and making serious profits with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are generating huge incomes for entrepreneurs that have Internet marketing experience and determination.

Affiliate programs are basically pay for performance based advertising. It works like this. A host web site provides affiliates with banners and text links to post on their web sites and e-mail to prospects. When someone clicks through from the affiliate web site to the host site and makes some sort of predefined action the affiliate receives a commission. Most affiliate programs pay for sales but others pay a commission or set fee when a prospect requests information and clicks through to certain pages.

Stone Evans of is one of the pioneers of Internet marketing using affiliate programs. His tremendous network of successful affiliates proves that this is a win win situation for everyone involved. Although the host has to pay a portion of the sale to the affiliate the host would not have had the sale if not for the affiliate. The affiliate makes money and, because there is no obligation for product delivery, can focus on continuing to market the affiliate links.

If you have a web site becoming an affiliate is easy. Just about every online business has an affiliate program of some kind. Try searching on affiliate programs and the results should produce a wide variety of affiliate program directories that will list affiliate programs in just about any industry you can image. It is important that the affiliate programs that you offer are products or services that would be of interest to the people who visit your web site. For example, if your web site provides information about home based business then you may not be that successful as an affiliate for a company that sells automotive products.

In addition to participating in relevant affiliate programs it is also important that you web site is not set up solely as a hub for affiliate programs. In order to bring in a lot of web search visitors your web site needs to provide valuable information. Sites that have nothing but affiliate links or banners will not do very well in the search engines and will not likely generate the traffic necessary to make the affiliate ads profitable. A great way to build a content rich web site is through the use of a blog. It is important to note that your blog should only contain high quality keyword articles with content relevant to your industry or business.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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