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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tax Benefits of an Internet Home Business

When tax time rolls around many people are looking for ways to gain benefits from having their own internet home business. Tax benefits of an internet home business range from simple to complex. Most of the time taking benefits requires some active book keeping and reading of tax code.

The major tax benefit from having an internet home business is being able to take a deduction for your home office. The IRS is strict in the requirements that must be met in order to deduct your office space. The following requirements that must be met are based on a business that has no inventory and does not require customers to come to the office. Your home office area must be exclusively used for business. This means that if your office is the kitchen table and you also eat on the table it then can not be used as a deduction. It must be regularly used for business. This means you actually conduct business in this area the majority of the time. It must also be the main area you conduct business. Home business owners can get a deduction for the area of their home where they conduct business, as well as portions of the utility expenses.

Other smaller deductions require some good record keeping. Gas and mileage can be deducted sometimes if related to the business operations. Paper, pencils, pens and other administrative items can be deducted. If you purchase a new phone, computer or other equipment that relates to the business this can also be deduction. For these deductions it is very important to keep receipts handy. It may also help to have a separate bank account or credit card that is specifically used for business expenses.

Taxes are confusing and it can be more confusing when introducing deduction for an internet home business. It is important to contact the IRS or a tax professional before attempting to deduct any expense. You should learn the correct way to take the deduction and if it is correct to do so. Tax benefits of an internet home business can be big, so do not let the complexity of taxes stop you from trying them.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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