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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Using Auto Responders in Internet Marketing

Auto responders are one of the internet’s greatest tools when it comes to marketing. An auto responder is basically an automated email service. It allows business owners to set up pre-written emails that go out automatically to customers when they send an email. Auto responders have many uses. It is up to the business owner to determine how to best make use of an auto responder.

Auto responders help save time and keep a business owner connected to their customers. The auto responder has an email address that the business owner posts on their website. When a customer sends an email to the auto responder email address they get an immediate response. The auto responder also collects the customer email addresses so they can be used later. To use the email address later a business owner goes into the auto responder and sets up an automatic delivery to those email addresses. The first step is actually getting customers to send that email.

Some business owners use auto responders to send newsletters. This allows the business owner to write the newsletter and then the auto responder does the rest. Other business owners use the auto responder to send out notices about specials sales offers. Auto responders are also good for answering frequently asked questions. Using auto responders in this way allows at business owner to keep a personal connection to the customer while also providing them with useful information. There are many options for ways to use an auto responder.

There are many low cost or free auto responders. The key to choosing one is to examine the features and make sure they meet the business needs. Some auto responders allow a person to set up multiple outgoing emails. Auto responders also have features that allow a business owner to set up a schedule for delivery. For example, the first time a customer emails the auto responder they get a welcome message. Then two days later the customer receives a newsletter. Then three days later the customer gets a sales ad. This is one way an auto responder can help keep business owners connected to their customers. It save a lot of time that otherwise would be spent tracking what customer got what email and when they received it. Auto responders are a little like a private secretary that handles all the mail.

Auto responders are a great business tool. With the many uses they can fit into any business plan. The business owner may spend a couple hours a week or only a few hours a month setting up the auto responder. The benefit is that the auto responder works continuously. If a customer emails at 3 am they get a response at 3 am. It is a great idea that gives the business owner time to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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