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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Promoting your Web Site Using Signature Files

Promoting a website is not an easy task. Website owners have many options available to them, but there is one option that is often overlooked. Signature files are a cheap and easy way to promote a website. Signature files require very little effort to set up and use, so they are ideal for the busy website owner who needs more promotion for their website.

Signature files are areas either in emails or message board posts that the user can set up and reuse automatically ever time they send an email or post a message. Signature files are often overlooked as a promotional tool because many people overlook using them anyway. People do, however, notice them when they are used. So a website owner can easy set their signature files up to use as a promotional tool. The signature file set up is usually found under the maintenance area for the email or message board account. It can be formatted with the business name and website address. The address can be set u as a hyperlink so readers can easily click through to the website. Signature files are simple to set up and easy for the potential customer to use.

The idea behind a signature file is to introduce the person using it, not to boldly sell or advertise. In fact, some message boards forbid out right advertising in signature files. The information should be subtle and give the basics about the business and website. It should ideally be under 6 lines and not include any special formatting. Above all a website owner using signature files should maintain a level of professionalism in the information they put in their signature file.

Signature files offer a great way to promote a web site. They can be simply typed up once and used again and again. Web site owners should keep in mind that these signature files are just a way to promote their website, not sell their product. Keeping the signature file simple and of good quality will help the web site owner get the most from using it.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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