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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Home based Internet Marketing Business

There are many businesses you can start at home and have good profit – one of the most profitable ones is home-based Internet marketing business. Be warned though the Internet marketing business may at times involve a lot of effort to launch. The basic steps of setting up this business will involve:

1. Identification of a product or service that you want to market; choose a product or service that answer to the current problems; in order to stay ahead of the competition who most likely will market similar products, be innovative in your presentation and approach – offer the same product with a irresistible twist

2. Have a website designed for the product/service and have it hosted; ensure that the website is done by a professional so it is efficient (loads fast), user-friendly (easily searchable) and has a continuous up-server time (availability)

3. Connect to search engines – enlist your web in the leading search engines; use latest technology for SEO so your website comes up in organic searches; for this purpose you can use keyword article (pointer pages) and flash pages (which target searches); use SEO professional services

4. Network your website and product – offer to carry links of other similar websites in return for them carrying yours

5. Use paid advertisements for increasing traffic – there are a number of good advertising methods, such pay-per-click (however this should be used best with highly descriptive words or you will risk attracting too much general traffic which will reduce your returns of investment (ROI)

6. Use free offers to attract traffic: Very few can resist an offer of free things. Be sure you have on your website good offers of free things – it can be anything – software, toys, coupons, even lottery tickets; there is no better way to attract people that with free offers
Continuous appraisal – have continuous appraisals of the marketing procedures you se such as keywords analysis, traffic analysis, ranking reports, etc so you could make the required adjustments to optimize your traffic

7. Have periodic press releases hosted - release periodic press releases to increase your sales and also to keep he world informed about your new products and services

8. Communicate effectively – while linking to other websites (reciprocating the service) you could send emails to the respective webmasters for information; this will not be interpreted as spam. Also be sure you have a way to respond to each and every query you receive maximum within three working days if you want to sustain the customer’s interest

9. Update regularly – there no greater put-off than a website which is outdated; keep your website updated and have interesting news posted at regular intervals; you may also offer directory of certain aspects of your product or service that helps your customers such as tips to use it best, maintenance, upgradation, etc

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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