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Monday, February 27, 2006

Start Writing to Make Money Online

5 Home Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Finding a home based business is one way that you may have to supplement your income, or may be the perfect opportunity for moms at home. The convenience is great, and so are many of the benefits of being able to work at your own pace, too. Here are five ideas that, with little or no investment, you can start today.
This is a rather easy one to start into, but may take a little time to fully develop - depending on your talent. You can publish your own website, promote it, give business cards to businesses, or, put an ad in the paper, letting the world know about your services. You could offer to type resumes, website content (need to know SEO writing), brochures, ebooks, etc. Be sure that you know what the standard prices are that you can expect for these services. (Hint: be willing to start a little lower until your quality can be verified).

A Virtual Assistant Secretarial Service

This field is growing rapidly and varies quite a bit. However, if have the desired skills, you will be in demand. The skills required are typing (65+ wpm), computer knowledge, programs such as Word and Excel, e-mail, and using the internet. A few managerial skills are needed, too. They are looking for someone who can take an assignment and see it to completion, on their own. Many corporations are looking for work-at-home moms who possess these skills.

A Cleaning Service

Here is a job that is open to just about anyone. Office personnel would rather let someone else do it, older people cannot do it, and many stores don't have time to do it. They would rather turn it over to someone who knows how to clean a carpet, vacuum, wax and buff a floor, etc. Sometimes, they will even provide the equipment for you. A vehicle would be needed that could carry your cleaning supplies (some do expect you to provide your own equipment). You would also want to look into getting bonded, for this job.

Sell Crafts And Hobbies Online

Here is a fun one for those who are good with crafts, and can produce them quickly, if needed. You can make some of your favorite items, take good pictures of them, and sell them through e-bay. E-bay is one of the hottest places online to sell any product.

Seamstress And Alterations

If you have the know-how of doing this kind of work - there are people who could use your services. This could even expand into doing wedding dresses, and other special occasion designs - depending on what you know.

For further information on starting your home business, be sure to do a little research on the web, and it will give you many tips on the best way to start.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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