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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Excellent Customer Service Strategies Can Set your Home Business Apart

You have written your informational product, finished your sales copy, put up your web page and started getting hits from your opt-in lists. Now all you have to do is sit back and get rich, right?

Well, maybe not. Wouldn’t you like your customers to keep coming back? Would you like for them to tell their friends about your wonderful products? In order to do this you have to treat your buyers right, and that means making it easy for them to find you, learn about you, and pay you. With smart customer service strategies, you can retain your existing customers, get new customers through word of mouth, and increase your sales to both.

Any search engine will generate thousands of hits for most products and services, but few of them cut through the clutter and grab buyers. Think about why they would want your product. Is it the right price? Do you offer a free sample? If it’s software, do you offer a trial version? You should. People love to get something for free. And this offer alone will make you easier to find. People are looking for value, and if that’s what you offer, they will come. Is this a service to your customer? Absolutely.

So, they’ve found you and your services. What now? Be honest with them. Teach them about your product. What is the difference between your cookbook and others? Is it your experience? Is it the free sample recipes you post on the site? Is it the professional layout and stunning photos of the meals? You must present as much well organized information as you can. Make sure your site serves them well by anticipating their needs and questions, and answering them. Frequently Asked Questions pages are useful, but so are a phone number and an email link. Remember, the best opt-in list in the world is the one you make from your own site. Encourage them to contact you! Set up a monthly newsletter and keep in touch.

Finally, make it easy to pay you. Do you accept credit cards? Paypal? Online checks? Any of these payment methods can be set for almost no money out of you pocket. But make sure it works. Like the links to your ‘FAQ’ or your email, the links to your payment system must work effortlessly. People get very nervous if they have to enter their credit card numbers more than once. As long as the payment process is fast, easy and flawless, your customers will feel very well served.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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