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Monday, March 06, 2006

Finding Freedom in a Home based Business

More and more people are finding freedom in a home business. It is actually wonderful to be your own boss, though paradoxically you have more hours to work, more tension to handle and more responsibility to handle. So, why do people still prefer to quit their jobs and take up home based businesses? How are they finding freedom in a home based business? Let us demystify this fact.

1. People love home business because they can work at their own pace. As I said, paradoxically, they will work harder and longer – but it is because they choose to and not because their boss is breathing down their necks. It is a big difference

2. You realize your real potential when work becomes commensurate with results – many people are surprised at their capacity to earn when they work for themselves – and the self-discover is a great high

3. You create employment. Being your own boss is a big advantage; however, you can now also be a boss to others. The fact that you can provide employment to others is another great achievement that people totally feel good about

4. You grow by leaps and bounds professionally. All of a sudden you need to know what means taxes, what means accounts, what means marketing and what mean promotion, and so on – and also know where and how to get the best resources. The very experience brings you to a high level of understanding and functionality that would not be possible in a job where you a certain job-focused responsibility.

5. You create wealth. Earning and creating wealth are two different things. While earning is fine and satisfying overall, creating wealth is a heady experience. This is what drives business tycoons to go on and on and on. They love for the challenge to create wealth.

6. You become independent in the total and true sense of the word. A home based business will give you the choice of doing what you want to do. Your choice is totally independent of any extraneous pressure (other than the interests of your family). You do not need the permission and ratification of anyone.

7. You gain the freedom to be with your family when you are needed. Your home based business – being home based – makes you available for your dear ones. Being able to stay close to your family is an advantage that supersedes all other advantages. After for whom we are earning?

All in all a home based business offers you freedom to do what you please, satisfaction of earning what you want and capacity to grow how much you want. Can anything be better than this?

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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