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Friday, March 03, 2006

Having a Full Time Job is no longer enough

The fact that having a job is no longer enough both in terms of cash earned and satisfaction gained is today a universally accepted truth. But what can the normal person do to redress this matter? Let us look at the options available in the self employment field:

1. Home Business (services): You could choose to start to start a part-time home based business. You have a vast choice to chose from in this field, from computer based work (such as web designing, or data entry operations, or programming or language consulting, etc) to caterer to even planner to professional organizer to providing secretarial and reprographic services, the list is inexhaustive;

2. Online Business: You could choose to start an online business by selling one or a few items through the Net. This can be phenomenal success with very little capital and follow-up work. You need to get a simple, user-friendly website where you can post the product(s) you want to sell. Have your website advertised through paid and exchange links and your sales will roll in.

3. Coaching/ tutorial classes: A good amount of satisfaction and cash can be earned from coaching school and undergraduate students. If you are qualified and think that you can be a good teacher then with this you can start part-time and then when things pick up, you can even leave your job, since tutorials are extremely viable financially. The coaching classes can also be in fine arts, acting, photography, sports and so on

4. Be a mystery shopper or food reviewer or movie reviewer or even game reviewer. There are many organizations which pay good money to have people give them real-life feedback on different aspects such as shops, movies, games, and even music. For this engagement however, you will need to have quite some time to spare and it might not be feasible to do if you are have a strict 9 to 5 job

5. Be a freelancer: Whatever be your profession and expertise, you can always be a freelancer. This is one occupation that requires almost no capital (you need to have access to the Internet that is all). On the net you can take absolutely anything you feel you can do well, i.e. copywriting, ghost writing, keyword writing, research article writing, reporting, editing, proof reading, and so on.

6. Affiliate marketer: If you are careful not to land in scams (check credentials and licenceses) affiliate marketing can bring you a neat sum in return of almost doing nothing Take surveys: many companies pay cash for you to take their survey. This is a beautiful way to earn for anyone who as the internet connection and a god amount of free time.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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