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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Banner Ads are very common on the Internet. These are small rectangular advertisement box that appear on the sites and all sorts of web pages. They need not be related to the matter of the site. If a surfer clicks on the banner ads, it will lead the person the specific site or web page. These Banner ads are relatively simple information based on HTML code, but they can make a lot of difference in marketing a product on the Internet. They definitely play a great role in Internet based businesses.
Banner ads are one of the most popular methods of advertising on the Internet. These banner ads are simple hypertext links. The HTMLcode present in these banners instruct the web server to bring the particular web page when a surfer clicks on the text of the banner. Banner ads are boxes containing the links to the web sites. Graphics and animation techniques are used to make these banner ads attractive. These banner ads may look similar to the normal printed ads seen in newspapers but hey are unique in their ability to bring the customers directly to the advertiser by just clicking at it.

Banner ads can be real success when the visitor not only comes to the site but also makes some purchase. There are several methods to check the effectiveness of the banner ads. The advertisers look for the number of visitors who click through the particular banner links. The sites that publish these banner ads often sell the ad space on cost per click basis. To get an idea about the number of visitors who have probably gone through these banner ads, the advertisers consider the number of page views.

The advertiser who is interested in posting a banner on other sites can approach for exchange offer that is to display their banner ads for displaying yours on their site. He can also pay the publisher site for posting the banner or can pay an organization of banner net work such as Double click to post the banner on different sites. If a person is interested in buying advertisement space he can either directly approach the website or can approach the site through an advertising agency. Approaching the website directly can be cost effective and gives you a better knowledge of the publisher site and choose a best location for your ad. Your banner ads can be effective if you choose a site, which does not attract many advertisers but has a fair amount of traffic. A site that has consistently high traffic will charge more than a less popular site. Posting a banner ad with the help of advertising agency can be easy and effective. These agencies do most of the jobs like seeking the suitable publisher site, bargain the price of banner space ect. To make the banner ads effective, the banner ads must be put on web pages that have related content. The advertisement should be placed in the banner itself rather than the site. The banner ads should link the customer to the web page offering the product or service rather than the home page of the site. The matter on the banner should be simple and less complicated. The visitor should understand the matter easily. Using animated ads can be more attractive than static ones.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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