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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Legitimate MLM Opportunities

The MLM opportunity is one of the most profitable ways to earn cash on the net. It is a simple idea that creates a chain of orders which in turn creates more commissions. This is a system - a live system - which promotes sales of products directly to the consumers through Net or off the Net. In an MLM you earn your cash not only through commissions but also through referrals’ sales, i.e. through the sales of those people whom you introduce as MLM business members.

Hence the MLM is actually a way to promote a product or products or services to more and more people and your earnings depend directly on the amount of sales generated through your sales and the sales of the members introduced to the business by you.

Are you aware however that a pyramid scheme can be disguised as an MLM business? Pyramid schemes are illegal and banned (and also punishable under fraud in many countries) and function almost on the same principles that an MLM functions. How can you differentiate between a legitimate MLM opportunity and pyramid scheme?

1. Pyramid scheme is a scheme where people earn by the number of people they introduce to the business. This is the only similarity between the MLM and pyramid scheme. Each person entering the pyramid scheme needs to sponsor a number of associates (say 5 people each). These five people will need to get five each as well and so on – hence the name of pyramid – the base expands supporting the top. The pyramid uses recruits to get their money, while MLM uses recruits to sell products

2. Pyramid schemes usually require a big upfront fee for becoming “distributor” or business start-up kit. MLM usually has a very small nominal fee of membership

3. Pyramid schemes have no buy-back guarantees, while MLM has

4. Pyramid scheme centers on getting members in its fold; MLM centers on getting products sold

5. Pyramid schemes, being illegal, are not registered with the Better Business Bureau; most MLM companies are as it is recognized as a good business opportunity

Check out carefully when you see a offer which offer “fast money”. All ‘get-rich-quick’ systems have an axe to grind somewhere. Take care you do not duped, and/or you do not become an instrument to dupe others.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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