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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sell Your Ideas Online and Make Money

How would you like to sell a product that is free to make, free to store, and free to ship? How would you like your customers to come to your store, pick up their purchase and pay for it with a completely automated system? Informational Products promise this ease of use, generating high profits and low costs.

You can easily make money working from home. Informational Products such as videos, e-books and magazine articles can easily be generated on a word processor at home and sold on an automated web-page. Many companies will help you set up this page, so all you have to do is write the story or article, or record the video, and upload it onto your page. The payment system is typically automated, and your payments will be deposited automatically into an online account, or automatically into your bank. Your costs are so low your first sale might pay for the initial set up.

There are few, or no, start-up costs for Information Products. Information Products let you profit from your own life experience. If you have a word processor and internet access, you have already purchased the most expensive part of you inventory. Let’s say you want to sell a how-to book on quilting. If you are a quilter, you can use your expertise to make money! Cookbooks, home improvement videos and travel journals are all successful Informational Products, and none of these cost the authors any additional money.

Are you a problem solver? Write an e-book! You know what your strengths are, so use them to make some money. How many times has someone called you a life saver because of your know-how? Do you love to travel? Write a travel journal and publish it online! You will need to tease your audience a little, so include a free sample. After they have read a part of your fascinating story, they will not hesitate to click that ‘purchase’ button.

Why not start putting your own ideas and experience to work? It could mean convenient and valuable information to your customers and a comfortable income from home to you.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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