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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Using Keyword Articles to Promote your Website

Using Keyword Articles to Promote your Web Site

Using keyword articles to promote a website is still a good way of promotion, though today there many better ways to create a presence with a search engine. Some facts that you should know about keyword articles are:

1. Keyword articles are also known as flash pages or doorway/ bridge/ entry/ gateway/ jump/ supplemental pages

2. These pages usually stand alone beyond the website attracting search engines attention to specific keywords and leading to the website through links;

3. Many times these pages containing text which is uniquely optimized produce best results on search engines resulting in high ranking of the website; for those sites with difficult to search content, this way is the only way to gain web presence

4. The ground rule for the use of keyword article, is never to have more keyword pages than the pages of your website; if you have more the search engines will reject the connection

5. Most search engines will reject advertisement type of keyword pages – which would be interpreted as spam; check with the search engine for their rules and interpretation before submitting

Dos and Donts for keyword articles

1. With keyword articles concentrate on quality and not quantity

2. Do not use more than two main keywords/ keyword phrases per search engine

3. Use keyword articles for ranking when your website is dynamic and cannot be accesses by the web spider

4. Do not use keyword articles for directories as this in unethical and the search engines will block it

5. For best results, the keyword articles should be written to meet all the conditions of the search engine

6. The best keyword articles are written when you actually do not pay attention to the keywords; do not get keyword centered or you will end up with a wooden article, rather keep the flow and focus and you will notice that the keywords find their place

7. Put keywords in the headline to get best results; in order to have a great headline, first write the article and then name it – you will be surprised at the ease with which you will find good titles with the keywords used

8. Do familiarize yourself with the topic before you write a keywords article – remember here quality counts. You should be able to use the regular lingo associated with the keywords you use to make it effective

9. The best selection of keywords is based on their popularity as well as their specific-ness. For popularity you may like to use the free tool, which can help you assess how good are the keywords you selected; the more popular your keywords the better for your site.

10. Popularity has its negative edge too – if you are not descriptive enough you will get all the wrong traffic. Do not use keywords just for popularity, rather match them with product/ service specific words so you can direct and narrow your redirection to your site.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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