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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Promoting your Online Internet Home Based Business

Online businesses have a special problem. There are so many places on the internet for people to go, that it is sometimes hard to get them to come to your business website. In the “real world” there are store fronts and ads on radio and television that reach people who may not exactly be looking for them. Promoting you online business can seem like an impossible task with all of the competition for people’s attention. The following list helps provide tips for online business owners about promoting their business.

1. Make a special section on your website for special promotions. This gives people an area that clearly explains the promotion and is easy to find every time they visit the site.
2. Create a newsletter. You can have a spot on your site where the customer leaves their email address to get the newsletter. A newsletter lets you show your expertise as well as gives you additional advertising.
3. Devise special programs for loyal customers. Something like those cards you get where if you buy so many coffees your next one is free. People like to get rewarded for being a good customer.
4. Create specials, like buy one get one free. Or create package deals on products that are frequently purchased together and offer a nice discount for buying the package.
5. Give free shipping. You can either do this for purchases over a certain amount or to specific areas.
6. Use your URL everywhere. If you frequent chat rooms or message boards, put your URL in your signature. The same with your email signatures.
7. Use your website links wisely. Link to pages that relate to your products. Use a search engine to find popular sites to link to. This will help boost your search engine ranking as well.
8. Try selling through auctions. Many businesses sell at online auctions and include their website in their auction pieces.

These eight tips can help you get your business off the ground and introduce it to many online customers.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Home Biz Guy, Stone Evans, shares his Money Making Secrets with the World for Free

The world of home based business opportunities is often thought to be filled with empty promises and scams preying on desperate financially strapped people who have dreams of getting out of the rate race once and for all. Unfortunately, this is all too often true. There is always a new too good to be true business opportunity available for only $29.99 promising thousands of dollars for little or not work. Fortunately this is not always the case and there are genuine people out there who have built successful online businesses and who are willing to share their expertise with those interested in learning how to start a successful home based business on the Internet.

Stone Evans, also known as The Home Biz Guy, is one of those genuine individuals. In his free e-book, Dotcomology available at ( , Stone tells the story of how he went from managing a restaurant to owning one of the most successful Internet money making businesses on the Internet. There is no easy get rich quick hocus pocus here. Only the real thing. Stone explains how he would come home from work and work late into the night trying to figure out a system for making money online. Stone finally made it and his successful business continues to grow and flourish on the World Wide Web.

In the e-book, Dotcomology, entrepreneurs just getting started in online business can learn from someone who has not only already done it but continues to do it everyday. So many on the web are selling information on how to start a successful online business claiming how they once made all this money. Stone is different. He is not only giving this information away for free but he is not only claiming last success but his success continues. Stone is doing what he teaches and that is the difference.

For more information and to download the free e-book, Dotcomology, visit

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tax Benefits of an Internet Home Business

When tax time rolls around many people are looking for ways to gain benefits from having their own internet home business. Tax benefits of an internet home business range from simple to complex. Most of the time taking benefits requires some active book keeping and reading of tax code.

The major tax benefit from having an internet home business is being able to take a deduction for your home office. The IRS is strict in the requirements that must be met in order to deduct your office space. The following requirements that must be met are based on a business that has no inventory and does not require customers to come to the office. Your home office area must be exclusively used for business. This means that if your office is the kitchen table and you also eat on the table it then can not be used as a deduction. It must be regularly used for business. This means you actually conduct business in this area the majority of the time. It must also be the main area you conduct business. Home business owners can get a deduction for the area of their home where they conduct business, as well as portions of the utility expenses.

Other smaller deductions require some good record keeping. Gas and mileage can be deducted sometimes if related to the business operations. Paper, pencils, pens and other administrative items can be deducted. If you purchase a new phone, computer or other equipment that relates to the business this can also be deduction. For these deductions it is very important to keep receipts handy. It may also help to have a separate bank account or credit card that is specifically used for business expenses.

Taxes are confusing and it can be more confusing when introducing deduction for an internet home business. It is important to contact the IRS or a tax professional before attempting to deduct any expense. You should learn the correct way to take the deduction and if it is correct to do so. Tax benefits of an internet home business can be big, so do not let the complexity of taxes stop you from trying them.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Correctly Identifying your Business is Key to Lasting Success

What business are you in? This may seem like a simple question with an obvious answer but the answer to this question can have a life changing impact on the success a business. Many businesses have failed to answer this question correctly and now are no more.

In his book, Marketing Outrageously, Jon Spoelstra gives some wonderful examples of how correctly identifying your business can impact the future of your business. Consider Smith-Corona. Smith-Corona was a major player in the typewriter industry. Although you can still buy typewriters it is not exactly a booming industry. What if Smith-Corona had not considered themselves to be in the typewriter business but instead in the word processing business? Instead of fading away they could have been pioneers in the personal computer or word processing software industry.

Insurance giant, Prudential, was once known for the slogan, “Get a piece of the rock.” This slogan is proof that Prudential knew what business they were in. There were not in the insurance business. They were in the business of providing a foundation of security to policyholders.

Anyone in business has heard the concept of selling benefits not feature. This is closely tied to the concept of correctly identifying what business you are in. Businesses that are successful in establishing worldwide brand recognition and lasting success understand this concept. Consider Stone Evans of Even though Stone offers a wide range of free information on how to start an Internet home based business, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing programs, Internet marketing and more, he understands what business he is in. Stone Evans is not in the business of helping people start an Internet home based business. Stone, also known as the Home Biz Guy, is in the business of making dreams come true for entrepreneurs all over the world who want to be free of the corporate rat race to be home with their families.

The key to correctly identifying a business has everything to do with determining why people buy your products or services. The answer to this question can mean the difference between folding under change or adapting and growing in the future.

Reference: Marketing Outrageously by Jon Spoelstra

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tracking Web Traffic can have Direct Impact on Success

Building a profitable web site does not end with the initial design. Successful websites are continuously working to improve profitability through monitoring and evaluating traffic patterns.

Internet marketing and home business expert, Stone Evans, offers some valuable advice on traffic logging services in his free e-book Dotcomology available at .

According to Stone, a good web site traffic logging service should include the following information.

Number of Visitors

This refers to how many people are visiting a particular web site. Good tracking services should provide this information for each web page as well as the number of page views per visitor. This can give webmasters an idea of how long visitors are staying. According to Stone, this is the most important statistics to track.

How are visitors finding the web site?

Knowing information about how many visitors are coming from the search engines as opposed to keyword searches on the search engines can help webmasters tailor marketing campaigns appropriately.

Keyword Search Information

What keywords are visitors searching on who find your web site? This information can be used when evaluating content and SEO.

Most Frequently Visited Pages

This information can be vital to understanding where to focus marketing efforts or where changes may be needed in content.

Navigation Information

How do visitors navigate within a web site? Difficulty with finding what they are looking for can cause visitors to leave a web site in search of one with

Knowing where visitors are coming from, how long they stay and how they navigate a site can provide valuable information that can be used to improve how long visitors stay and conversion rates.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Stone Evans Releases New Free E-book

Stone Evans is known all over the Internet as the “Home Biz Guy”. He has worked to bring those interested in internet business important information through free e-books. His book “Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online” introduces readers to everything they need to know about making money online. This fee download includes various tools that will help every entrepreneur to set up and maintain a website. It also included helpful information on how to make affiliate marketing work to make big money. Stone Evans shares all of his insights into making money online through a free platform.

The “Dotcomology” e-book offers many tools, programs and software applications that help anyone new to making money on the internet. These helpful tips and information can take someone from beginning to end through the process of setting up and making money through an online business. Stone Evans also provides helpful information on affiliate programs where anyone can make big profits. He includes secrets that others expect entrepreneurs to pay forty or fifty dollars for and Evans gives it away free. All of the information in this e-book is tested and proven to work. Evans has built his own fortune through these methods. It is free so there is nothing to lose by getting the quick download and reading through the information. This 325 page e-book contains many resources that will enable the reader to get started immediately in an online business.

The following list is a sample of what is included in “Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online”.

Web Authoring Tools - information on making a website that is attractive and will draw customers in, using domain names that have expired as an advantage to build profits

Web site plug-ins - free content for websites and articles, easy to use tracking information to watch customers buying habits

Formatting Tools - for both emails and articles that can help to build a customer base and raise profits through a professional approach

Research and Discovery Tools - free online dictionary, thesaurus and spell checker to keep websites, emails and articles 100% professional looking

Performance and Protection Tools - presentation software, scanning tools to find mistakes and errors on websites, protection tools to prevent plagiarism

Submission Tools - information and help for submitting to search engines and driving traffic to the website

Communication tools - software that allows business owners to speak with anyone over the internet in a conference atmosphere, including also free calls over the internet

These tools, software applications and informative information are all included free of charge in the e-book “Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online”. Stone Evans has proven his methods and ideas work through his own online business success. So why pay more for this same information elsewhere when Evans is offering it all for free?

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Making Money Online with eBay Auctions

Ebay has been the source for big online profits. Anyone can easily start selling on eBay. The key is knowing how to do it so you can make big money. From the first step of deciding what to sell to the final step of accepting that final bid, the steps you take can make a big difference form a small profit or a booming business.

The best way to start with eBay is getting to know about how the auction process works. It is smart to first start by selling something small. Maybe something you find at home that you no longer use or need. This will allow you to get to understand how eBay works. You can set up your account, place the item for auction and watch the bidding process. You should also look around at the other items for sale. Try to figure out what items sell the best and see if you can find something you may want to sell. Through starting out by selling something small you can learn the process without a big investment to be lost.

The next step is to figure out exactly what you are going to try to sell to really earn a nice profit. When you placed your first bid you looked through the site to find popular items. This is a good starting point. Remember, though that there is a lot of competition. Try to find something that will sell good but that sticks out from the crowd and will draw people’s attention.

Next you need to write your sales pitch. You may want to check out seller’s who are making good money and see what kind of pitch they write. You can not copy there ideas, but you can use them as a model for writing your pitches.

Now all that is left is placing the item for auction and waiting for the bidding to begin.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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