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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Using Keyword Articles to Promote your Website

Using Keyword Articles to Promote your Web Site

Using keyword articles to promote a website is still a good way of promotion, though today there many better ways to create a presence with a search engine. Some facts that you should know about keyword articles are:

1. Keyword articles are also known as flash pages or doorway/ bridge/ entry/ gateway/ jump/ supplemental pages

2. These pages usually stand alone beyond the website attracting search engines attention to specific keywords and leading to the website through links;

3. Many times these pages containing text which is uniquely optimized produce best results on search engines resulting in high ranking of the website; for those sites with difficult to search content, this way is the only way to gain web presence

4. The ground rule for the use of keyword article, is never to have more keyword pages than the pages of your website; if you have more the search engines will reject the connection

5. Most search engines will reject advertisement type of keyword pages – which would be interpreted as spam; check with the search engine for their rules and interpretation before submitting

Dos and Donts for keyword articles

1. With keyword articles concentrate on quality and not quantity

2. Do not use more than two main keywords/ keyword phrases per search engine

3. Use keyword articles for ranking when your website is dynamic and cannot be accesses by the web spider

4. Do not use keyword articles for directories as this in unethical and the search engines will block it

5. For best results, the keyword articles should be written to meet all the conditions of the search engine

6. The best keyword articles are written when you actually do not pay attention to the keywords; do not get keyword centered or you will end up with a wooden article, rather keep the flow and focus and you will notice that the keywords find their place

7. Put keywords in the headline to get best results; in order to have a great headline, first write the article and then name it – you will be surprised at the ease with which you will find good titles with the keywords used

8. Do familiarize yourself with the topic before you write a keywords article – remember here quality counts. You should be able to use the regular lingo associated with the keywords you use to make it effective

9. The best selection of keywords is based on their popularity as well as their specific-ness. For popularity you may like to use the free tool, which can help you assess how good are the keywords you selected; the more popular your keywords the better for your site.

10. Popularity has its negative edge too – if you are not descriptive enough you will get all the wrong traffic. Do not use keywords just for popularity, rather match them with product/ service specific words so you can direct and narrow your redirection to your site.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Having a Full Time Job is no longer enough

The fact that having a job is no longer enough both in terms of cash earned and satisfaction gained is today a universally accepted truth. But what can the normal person do to redress this matter? Let us look at the options available in the self employment field:

1. Home Business (services): You could choose to start to start a part-time home based business. You have a vast choice to chose from in this field, from computer based work (such as web designing, or data entry operations, or programming or language consulting, etc) to caterer to even planner to professional organizer to providing secretarial and reprographic services, the list is inexhaustive;

2. Online Business: You could choose to start an online business by selling one or a few items through the Net. This can be phenomenal success with very little capital and follow-up work. You need to get a simple, user-friendly website where you can post the product(s) you want to sell. Have your website advertised through paid and exchange links and your sales will roll in.

3. Coaching/ tutorial classes: A good amount of satisfaction and cash can be earned from coaching school and undergraduate students. If you are qualified and think that you can be a good teacher then with this you can start part-time and then when things pick up, you can even leave your job, since tutorials are extremely viable financially. The coaching classes can also be in fine arts, acting, photography, sports and so on

4. Be a mystery shopper or food reviewer or movie reviewer or even game reviewer. There are many organizations which pay good money to have people give them real-life feedback on different aspects such as shops, movies, games, and even music. For this engagement however, you will need to have quite some time to spare and it might not be feasible to do if you are have a strict 9 to 5 job

5. Be a freelancer: Whatever be your profession and expertise, you can always be a freelancer. This is one occupation that requires almost no capital (you need to have access to the Internet that is all). On the net you can take absolutely anything you feel you can do well, i.e. copywriting, ghost writing, keyword writing, research article writing, reporting, editing, proof reading, and so on.

6. Affiliate marketer: If you are careful not to land in scams (check credentials and licenceses) affiliate marketing can bring you a neat sum in return of almost doing nothing Take surveys: many companies pay cash for you to take their survey. This is a beautiful way to earn for anyone who as the internet connection and a god amount of free time.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Be an Affiliate and Make Money from Another Site

You don't have to have a product or service of your own to sell on the Internet; you can make money by selling someone else's! An affiliate program is when a merchant pays you to send someone to their website. You can be paid a specific amount per sale that you generated, or a click through to their site from yours.

To find an affiliate program that is right for you, two sites can help. One is Commission Junction and the other is LinkShare. These companies help you to find suitable affiliates, apply and manage the programs from their site and even send you one ticket for both affiliate link sites.

Banners will help you make money on your site and they are easy to find. These banners direct people from your website to the affiliates. Statistics are kept on how many visitors your website directs to them and any sales that come from those visits. Banners are easily placed on your website, each company will give you specific directions on how to add their banner.

There are seven steps to becoming an affiliate salesperson.

1 Choose what type of website you want. Be sure it will be of interest to a wide variety of visitors.
2 Choose a domain name that will help you establish your identity.
3 Find a reliable web host. You can't make money if your web host is always breaking down.
4 Build your web page, start out small, and add to it as you begin getting more affiliates. You can start with only one page and start making money.
5 Find affiliate programs to join. One of those to check out is Google's AdSense.
6 Start sending people to your site, market, market, market! It won't grow without some help from you. Visitors have to go to your site before they visit one you are affiliated with.
7 Be patient. The money won't roll in overnight. You can become a top earning affiliate but it takes work on your end as well.

Affiliate marketing can be a moneymaker for your site. Pick the affiliates that you best associate with and run with the market.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

Plug-In Profit Site - Click Here To Follow 3 Easy Steps And I Will Personally Build A Money Making Website For You That's 100% Ready To Take Orders And Pull In Massive Residual Profits...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Making Money Ideas Anyone Can Do

There a million and one ‘making money ideas anyone can do’ which actually can concoct and run. Some people need the fire to get it, while some people need the need to get it. Those with the fire are people who are restless with what they have in terms of their jobs, their earning capacity, etc. They take it as a challenge. The other group of people looks it up because they were fired from their jobs, they find themselves unable to cope with their present income, they want more from life. One thing is sure, when you really seek something, very rarely you end up with nothing. Similarly, for this purpose the list in actually inexhaustible, but I am just putting together a few ideas that would be good for “making money”:

1. Freelancing: Do not think that freelancing is only for writers. You can do it too. Are you good with numbers, you can be a freelance accountant; are you good with organizing and planning projects, you could a freelance project manager/consultant and so on. You can start your freelancing business from the very moment you decide you want it. Just enlist in any of the million websites that promote freelancing, bid for a project and start making money

2. Advertise with GoogleAdwords – this is one of easiest ways to earn cash on the net. You need to create an ad for the Google search engine and you will be paid for the sales that you generate by the people who click on your ad. It is easy, takes little practice to perfect and it works round the clock for you

3. Make money while selling other people’s things: Become an affiliate marketer. Through this system you need to market other people’s goods/ products/ services for commission. There innumerable hot items on the net that can be sold, and through a good affiliate program you can make a very tidy sum. Here, the catch is that you have to create or attract traffic – but the Net is a great teacher and you get tutorials that can literally take you by hand for the process.

4. Sell information: there are a million of things out there that needs to be researched and there are millions of people who would pay for certain information. Run a check to find out what is in demand – or better still announce your services for answer a question as Google Answer did – and see your money grow.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Home based Internet Marketing Business

There are many businesses you can start at home and have good profit – one of the most profitable ones is home-based Internet marketing business. Be warned though the Internet marketing business may at times involve a lot of effort to launch. The basic steps of setting up this business will involve:

1. Identification of a product or service that you want to market; choose a product or service that answer to the current problems; in order to stay ahead of the competition who most likely will market similar products, be innovative in your presentation and approach – offer the same product with a irresistible twist

2. Have a website designed for the product/service and have it hosted; ensure that the website is done by a professional so it is efficient (loads fast), user-friendly (easily searchable) and has a continuous up-server time (availability)

3. Connect to search engines – enlist your web in the leading search engines; use latest technology for SEO so your website comes up in organic searches; for this purpose you can use keyword article (pointer pages) and flash pages (which target searches); use SEO professional services

4. Network your website and product – offer to carry links of other similar websites in return for them carrying yours

5. Use paid advertisements for increasing traffic – there are a number of good advertising methods, such pay-per-click (however this should be used best with highly descriptive words or you will risk attracting too much general traffic which will reduce your returns of investment (ROI)

6. Use free offers to attract traffic: Very few can resist an offer of free things. Be sure you have on your website good offers of free things – it can be anything – software, toys, coupons, even lottery tickets; there is no better way to attract people that with free offers
Continuous appraisal – have continuous appraisals of the marketing procedures you se such as keywords analysis, traffic analysis, ranking reports, etc so you could make the required adjustments to optimize your traffic

7. Have periodic press releases hosted - release periodic press releases to increase your sales and also to keep he world informed about your new products and services

8. Communicate effectively – while linking to other websites (reciprocating the service) you could send emails to the respective webmasters for information; this will not be interpreted as spam. Also be sure you have a way to respond to each and every query you receive maximum within three working days if you want to sustain the customer’s interest

9. Update regularly – there no greater put-off than a website which is outdated; keep your website updated and have interesting news posted at regular intervals; you may also offer directory of certain aspects of your product or service that helps your customers such as tips to use it best, maintenance, upgradation, etc

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Start Writing to Make Money Online

5 Home Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Finding a home based business is one way that you may have to supplement your income, or may be the perfect opportunity for moms at home. The convenience is great, and so are many of the benefits of being able to work at your own pace, too. Here are five ideas that, with little or no investment, you can start today.
This is a rather easy one to start into, but may take a little time to fully develop - depending on your talent. You can publish your own website, promote it, give business cards to businesses, or, put an ad in the paper, letting the world know about your services. You could offer to type resumes, website content (need to know SEO writing), brochures, ebooks, etc. Be sure that you know what the standard prices are that you can expect for these services. (Hint: be willing to start a little lower until your quality can be verified).

A Virtual Assistant Secretarial Service

This field is growing rapidly and varies quite a bit. However, if have the desired skills, you will be in demand. The skills required are typing (65+ wpm), computer knowledge, programs such as Word and Excel, e-mail, and using the internet. A few managerial skills are needed, too. They are looking for someone who can take an assignment and see it to completion, on their own. Many corporations are looking for work-at-home moms who possess these skills.

A Cleaning Service

Here is a job that is open to just about anyone. Office personnel would rather let someone else do it, older people cannot do it, and many stores don't have time to do it. They would rather turn it over to someone who knows how to clean a carpet, vacuum, wax and buff a floor, etc. Sometimes, they will even provide the equipment for you. A vehicle would be needed that could carry your cleaning supplies (some do expect you to provide your own equipment). You would also want to look into getting bonded, for this job.

Sell Crafts And Hobbies Online

Here is a fun one for those who are good with crafts, and can produce them quickly, if needed. You can make some of your favorite items, take good pictures of them, and sell them through e-bay. E-bay is one of the hottest places online to sell any product.

Seamstress And Alterations

If you have the know-how of doing this kind of work - there are people who could use your services. This could even expand into doing wedding dresses, and other special occasion designs - depending on what you know.

For further information on starting your home business, be sure to do a little research on the web, and it will give you many tips on the best way to start.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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