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Saturday, March 11, 2006

How Many Paychecks Do You Get Each Month?

Multiple sources of income would be nice, wouldn’t they? Having a job, a side business or two, and a spouse with the same would definitely give you multiple sources of income, and your financial situation would be rather cozy. But let’s wake up and step out of this dream for a moment. The world has become obsessed with working from home part-time and holding down a traditional full-time job as well; the world has become obsessed with multiple sources of income. People search daily for ways to make more money, extra jobs to take on or new businesses to create or even new products to invent and sell. People fail to realize that there are ways to gain multiple sources of income without spreading themselves too thin, and these are ventures that will probably be more profitable and beneficial to themselves and their family members in the long run.

Consider these four ways of making money, as given to us by Robert Kayosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad: employment, self-employment, business, and investments. With employment, you work a full-time traditional job. With self-employment, you work for yourself, perhaps as a freelancer of some sort. With business, you either own or co-own your own business that provides goods or services as a way of bringing you income. And with investments you earn accumulated monies.

Instead of trying to juggle all of these in order to gain multiple sources of income, consider taking on just two. Find full-time traditional employment and then use your writing or tailoring skills in the evening and on the weekends, if you have time. Or, develop your own business and make wise investments.

There are sensible ways to gain multiple sources of income. If you approach these four rationally, carefully, and in a well-thought and well-planned out manner, you could soon be earning multiple sources of income.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Friday, March 10, 2006

How to choose your “focus” for marketing a Home Business

Choosing to run a home based business can be a big decision. This proposition takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to get things started. One of the most important things that a home business owner must do is come up with a marketing plan. All too often home business owners come up with a marketing plan that is scattered all over the place. This leads to wasted money, and does not allow you to reach your target audience efficiently. It is your job to find a marketing focus and stick with that plan.

There are several ways to go about choosing a marketing focus for your home based business. First off you need to analyze who your target audience is. If the people you are trying to reach like to read newsletters and magazines then you will want to run print ads. The best thing to do is research which print publications they read most, and then take out ads in them. This will ensure that your home based business gets put in front of your target audience.

On the other hand if your target audience frequents certain websites it would be beneficial to take out online ads. Another online route that you may want to take is starting your own site in order to market your business. This way you have complete control over the information you release to your prospective clients. But remember, even if you start your own website you still need to market it so people will visit.

Finding a marketing focus is a very important aspect of growing your home based business. Remember to think like your prospective customers. If you know where they look for new products, market those areas the hardest. Avoid scattering your marketing approach. This will save you both time and money!

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Easy ways to make money online

With more and more people losing their jobs, the online internet business boom has hit an all time high. Thousands of people everyday are venturing onto the internet and researching the best way to make money online. There is no right and wrong answer as far as making money online is concerned. Everybody has their own opinions and methods; what works for one person may be a complete bust for another, and vice versa.

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by starting a business selling products on eBay. This has been one of the hottest trends over the past couple of years. People are taking goods from their house, as well as stuff that has been bought at flea markets, and turning a profit via eBay. If you are interested in this online business there is plenty of information available on the internet.

More and more people are also using blogs to make money online. The way this works is simple. You write a daily journal (or however often you want) and sell ad space on your site. Google has a free service that it offers to people in which you make money determined by how many people click on the ads that they supply for your page.
A lot of people come across “get cash for survey” deals and pass them up because they feel they will be scammed. But don’t always be so skeptical. Some of these deals are legit, and they can be found all over the internet. Make sure you research as much as possible to ensure that you are working with a reputable company.

Those are just three easy ways to make money online. A simple internet search will turn up thousands more. Do your research and find the opportunity that is right for you!

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Banner Ads are very common on the Internet. These are small rectangular advertisement box that appear on the sites and all sorts of web pages. They need not be related to the matter of the site. If a surfer clicks on the banner ads, it will lead the person the specific site or web page. These Banner ads are relatively simple information based on HTML code, but they can make a lot of difference in marketing a product on the Internet. They definitely play a great role in Internet based businesses.
Banner ads are one of the most popular methods of advertising on the Internet. These banner ads are simple hypertext links. The HTMLcode present in these banners instruct the web server to bring the particular web page when a surfer clicks on the text of the banner. Banner ads are boxes containing the links to the web sites. Graphics and animation techniques are used to make these banner ads attractive. These banner ads may look similar to the normal printed ads seen in newspapers but hey are unique in their ability to bring the customers directly to the advertiser by just clicking at it.

Banner ads can be real success when the visitor not only comes to the site but also makes some purchase. There are several methods to check the effectiveness of the banner ads. The advertisers look for the number of visitors who click through the particular banner links. The sites that publish these banner ads often sell the ad space on cost per click basis. To get an idea about the number of visitors who have probably gone through these banner ads, the advertisers consider the number of page views.

The advertiser who is interested in posting a banner on other sites can approach for exchange offer that is to display their banner ads for displaying yours on their site. He can also pay the publisher site for posting the banner or can pay an organization of banner net work such as Double click to post the banner on different sites. If a person is interested in buying advertisement space he can either directly approach the website or can approach the site through an advertising agency. Approaching the website directly can be cost effective and gives you a better knowledge of the publisher site and choose a best location for your ad. Your banner ads can be effective if you choose a site, which does not attract many advertisers but has a fair amount of traffic. A site that has consistently high traffic will charge more than a less popular site. Posting a banner ad with the help of advertising agency can be easy and effective. These agencies do most of the jobs like seeking the suitable publisher site, bargain the price of banner space ect. To make the banner ads effective, the banner ads must be put on web pages that have related content. The advertisement should be placed in the banner itself rather than the site. The banner ads should link the customer to the web page offering the product or service rather than the home page of the site. The matter on the banner should be simple and less complicated. The visitor should understand the matter easily. Using animated ads can be more attractive than static ones.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Web Content is Key to Internet Marketing

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that today web content is key to Internet marketing. It has been proved that good content can actually be more effective if not more than any other marketing technique available today on the Net. So, what exactly is “good content” and how do you ensure that you have it?

1. First and foremost good content means that the keyword article and/or the web pages you use have informative, up-to-date data on the product or service that you are marketing. The content here not only has to be relevant but also interesting and useful to the people who read it. Also, the article should be changed regularly so people have reasons to come back for more.

2. Offer value addition benefits in your pages such as free reports, or free software or free coupons, free training or anything that would be of interest to the people who look up your product or service. You will be surprised to see the increase of traffic that freebies produce. However, besides being free what you offer should be of value - people love freebies no doubt – but they would not bother to chase your website for useless offers.

3. Offer a subscription free newsletter – though people are not very interested in newsletters nowadays, you can pull them in by offering a short directory, or news about the product or related matters which may save time and/or money. When they are interested, they will subscribe – and you have a way paved towards getting a continuous prospective customers email list formed effortlessly

4. Recycle your articles with your link added to it. If your content is good, other websites would love to be able to use it and they will pay for it. When they take it and add to their pages, your active link will provide you with sufficient traffic to justify “sharing” of resources

5. Use highly specific, popular keywords. Give the highest importance to the accurate specification of the keywords and secondarily to the popularity of the key words. In this way you will be able attract the majority of the crowd which is most accurately compatible to what you are offering.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Making Money Online for Free

This is what most unemployed people are looking for because they actually do not have the money to invest. There are so many ways for making money online for free; and if you are a bit innovative you can invent and improvise as many ways you like to it.

1.Enroll in affiliate program: There a number very successful affiliate programs which will pay you for promoting their products. This is something that you can start completely free or for a very small amount of membership fee. This is a program that will work for you day in and out creating cash flow for you continuously

2. Freelance: you can become a freelancer in whichever area you are proficient. You will find sufficient postings with a great number of freelance websites – as they charge those who buy the services. This is a neat way to earn money without any investment – and earning money as much as you want

3. Complete surveys for cash – there are a great number of websites which will send you surveys to complete for a fixed amount of cash. If you have the time and enjoy answering surveys – this can bring you a small fortune without having invested a dime

4. Enlist for work from home jobs – the Internet is full of offers for typing and data entry work where you can apply and get the “job”. Beware of those sites which ask you a high amount of money assuring you great amounts of earning per day. These are almost all false and fraud. Real organization will not charge anything of charge very nominal entry/ membership fees to become a member. Also to ensure even a nominal pay is right, check out in scams with the name of the organization, before deciding

5. Reading email on the Net – there are many websites which will pay a nominal fee to read emails. This feature is something like pay-per-click advertisements which will ensure that the website gets traffic and you get a nominal fee for helping them doing it. This also has referral payment which will increase the traffic to the web. This is a good way to earn cash though a bit time intensive and slow in returns

Choose the best way to earn cash online, depending upon your time availability, your abilities and experience and style of work. There is a lot of cash out there on the Internet.

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Finding Freedom in a Home based Business

More and more people are finding freedom in a home business. It is actually wonderful to be your own boss, though paradoxically you have more hours to work, more tension to handle and more responsibility to handle. So, why do people still prefer to quit their jobs and take up home based businesses? How are they finding freedom in a home based business? Let us demystify this fact.

1. People love home business because they can work at their own pace. As I said, paradoxically, they will work harder and longer – but it is because they choose to and not because their boss is breathing down their necks. It is a big difference

2. You realize your real potential when work becomes commensurate with results – many people are surprised at their capacity to earn when they work for themselves – and the self-discover is a great high

3. You create employment. Being your own boss is a big advantage; however, you can now also be a boss to others. The fact that you can provide employment to others is another great achievement that people totally feel good about

4. You grow by leaps and bounds professionally. All of a sudden you need to know what means taxes, what means accounts, what means marketing and what mean promotion, and so on – and also know where and how to get the best resources. The very experience brings you to a high level of understanding and functionality that would not be possible in a job where you a certain job-focused responsibility.

5. You create wealth. Earning and creating wealth are two different things. While earning is fine and satisfying overall, creating wealth is a heady experience. This is what drives business tycoons to go on and on and on. They love for the challenge to create wealth.

6. You become independent in the total and true sense of the word. A home based business will give you the choice of doing what you want to do. Your choice is totally independent of any extraneous pressure (other than the interests of your family). You do not need the permission and ratification of anyone.

7. You gain the freedom to be with your family when you are needed. Your home based business – being home based – makes you available for your dear ones. Being able to stay close to your family is an advantage that supersedes all other advantages. After for whom we are earning?

All in all a home based business offers you freedom to do what you please, satisfaction of earning what you want and capacity to grow how much you want. Can anything be better than this?

Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Legitimate MLM Opportunities

The MLM opportunity is one of the most profitable ways to earn cash on the net. It is a simple idea that creates a chain of orders which in turn creates more commissions. This is a system - a live system - which promotes sales of products directly to the consumers through Net or off the Net. In an MLM you earn your cash not only through commissions but also through referrals’ sales, i.e. through the sales of those people whom you introduce as MLM business members.

Hence the MLM is actually a way to promote a product or products or services to more and more people and your earnings depend directly on the amount of sales generated through your sales and the sales of the members introduced to the business by you.

Are you aware however that a pyramid scheme can be disguised as an MLM business? Pyramid schemes are illegal and banned (and also punishable under fraud in many countries) and function almost on the same principles that an MLM functions. How can you differentiate between a legitimate MLM opportunity and pyramid scheme?

1. Pyramid scheme is a scheme where people earn by the number of people they introduce to the business. This is the only similarity between the MLM and pyramid scheme. Each person entering the pyramid scheme needs to sponsor a number of associates (say 5 people each). These five people will need to get five each as well and so on – hence the name of pyramid – the base expands supporting the top. The pyramid uses recruits to get their money, while MLM uses recruits to sell products

2. Pyramid schemes usually require a big upfront fee for becoming “distributor” or business start-up kit. MLM usually has a very small nominal fee of membership

3. Pyramid schemes have no buy-back guarantees, while MLM has

4. Pyramid scheme centers on getting members in its fold; MLM centers on getting products sold

5. Pyramid schemes, being illegal, are not registered with the Better Business Bureau; most MLM companies are as it is recognized as a good business opportunity

Check out carefully when you see a offer which offer “fast money”. All ‘get-rich-quick’ systems have an axe to grind somewhere. Take care you do not duped, and/or you do not become an instrument to dupe others.

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