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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pixels, Copycats & Innovation

I mentioned The Million Dollar Home Page yesterday. That site was the first of it's kind. But do to it's instantaneous and enormous success, hundreds of copycat sites appeared within weeks of it's launch... Here's just a few of those copycat sites:

There's even a software now that helps you make your own pixel ad site:

The pixel revolution is on!

Or is it?...

Personally, I doubt that anyone will have near the success peddling pixels that Alex Tew from The Million Dollar Home Page has enjoyed. He was the first and he did such a good job marketing the site and being professional about the whole process that he garnered the world's attention. Nobody else will be able to repeat the success of The Million Dollar Home Page.

Remember, Alex didn't pay to advertise his site. He was first to do it and the world beat a path to his door just so they could find out what was going on...

Now all these other pixel ad site are advertising to attract advertisers. Check out all the sponsored links you see in this Google search for pixel advertising: Those guys are paying money every time you click a link to get to their pixel advertising site. For most, it will be a losting proposition.

That being said, there still may be some value in pixel advertising.

I did make a purchase on another pixel advertising site yesterday. It's over at:

I did this for a couple of reasons... First off, the guy who created the site is a Warrior and I support Warriors. Plus, he was offering a 30% rebate on the cost of his ads through the Warrior Special Offer Forum. That's a place where Warriors gather to offer great deals to each other.

The other reason I bought advertising from that site is because he took the pixel concept and twisted it a little bit to create something unique. I appreciate innovation and the energy it took for the guy to come up with his concept so I supported him with my business. Also, I know he's working hard to get traffic to the site and even if I just get a few visitors back to my site, my $23 (- 30% for being a Warrior) investment will pay for itself many times over.

So the pixel revolution may be full steam ahead, but it's the innovators in the pack that you should pay attention to, not the wannabes...

To making money online,
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

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