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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Master Training Blueprint

This post is part of my review of Ewen Chia's Secret Affiliate Weapon.

Master Training Blueprint. That's what Ewen dubs his PDF report: "Ultimate Affiliate Marketing: Step-By-Step Blueprint To Succeeding As An Affiliate Marketer!"

Here's what found notable inside the report:

I'm reminded how gifted Ewen is at teaching. He is very articulate and is able to communicate broad concepts efficiently and provide rational examples that make sense to most people. Chapter 1 provides a very good understanding of what affiliate marketing is all about. It's an excellent primer for newbies. In fact, I know a lot of practicing affiliates who need to read that chapter simply because even though they are an affiliate, they don't actually "get" what being an affiliate is all about and why it is one of the most powerful business models in the world.

Chapter 2 really lays it all out there and gets the potential affiliate marketer to really think about and decide whether or not affiliate marketing is the right business for them. Ewen has formulated some solid questions and laid the truth (including potential pitfalls) out on the line for people to make an informed decision about whether or not they should pursue affiliate marketing. I wish I had read this info when I first started out.

Chapter 3 briefly discusses why most affiliates fail to make money and what characteristics allow super affiliates to make obscene amounts of money.

In chapter 4, Ewen outlines the tools necessary for an affiliate marketer to be successful and compares to building a house by saying that you wouldn't build a house without a hammer and nails and to build a successful affiliate marketing business, you'll need the following:

#1: Domain name and web hosting. He also provides some links for registering domain names and hosting accounts at reasonable prices as well as some links for free hosting.

#2: Site templates, HTML editor or basic HTML knowledge. Again, Ewen provides some links where you can pick up each of these things. What I'm seeing is that Ewen isn't trying to sell you something in particular with these links. He's making honest recommendations for products and services he believes are the best options in each particular case whether he is affiliated with the product or not.

#3: Professional autoresponder. In this section, Ewen has put together a comprehensive list of links to free and paid autoresponder solutions as well as explaining why an autoresponder is so important to an affiliate marketing business.

#4: Link tracking and testing software. Again, Ewen provides a solid list of links to potential tracking solutions and a detailed explanation as to why it's important to track your advertising campaigns.

I'm noticing that many of the solutions Ewen links to are products and services that I didn't even know existed. It proves that he's definitely well-informed and has done a lot of research to put this training guide together. Just for the $9.97 it costs to join Ewen's membership site, it's already been money well invested for most people - especially if you're just getting started.

Chapter 5 is an explanation about how to setup a ClickBank account and setup your own Secret Affiliate Weapon affiliate account. He provides EXTREMELY detailed instructions in this chapter including lots of screenshots and step-by-step instructions for getting your affiliate account and referral link setup exactly right. It's poetry really. ;-)

This is where Ewen is really working hard to help you become his affiliate. Brilliant!

Now that you have your Secret Affiliate Weapon affiliate link setup, Ewen takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of launching your own Secret Affiliate Weapon marketing campaign. He's a sly little devil isn't he?! ;-) As I said, it's poetry in motion. I love it!

He teaches you how to launch an ezine advertising campaign, how to use article writing and distribution to promote your website and how to use traffic exchanges like Instant Buzz and Traffic Swarm along with a couple of others to generate visitors and sales. I'm sure he's building a nice downline in both of these traffic exchange programs through this recommendations in this chapter. I personally think Instant Buzz and Traffic Swarm are very effective traffic exchange programs and I see that Ewen shares this opinion.

Further down in the chapter, Ewen continues the momentum and encourages you to setup your advertising accounts with a few more programs that look like they could be effective. He's doing a brilliant job getting people enrolled in all these traffic generating programs through this report... that's for sure. But that's a good thing. You can tell they are sincere recommendations and have the potential to really help people who want to get traffic to their website.

While chapter 6 will all about the "quick fix", chapter 7 starts driving home the long-term marketing activities that you need to be doing to be truly successful as an affiliate marketer including: pay-per-click traffic, viral reports, joint ventures and back end offers. He also makes a point to say that with the exception of pay-per-click traffic, all of these long-term traffic generation methods are essentially free.

The good news is that Ewen definitely doesn't let you down in this chapter. He goes all out and provides about 20 pages of hard-core "how to" detail with no fluff whatsoever. Honestly, people are charging $50 or more for less information than you get in just those 20 pages.

Ewen concludes the chapter by giving you a very solid "Affiliate Maintenance Tasks" checklist that is a very useful group of reminders that will keep any affiliate (new or experienced) on their toes and constantly improving their business. Too many people spend too much time focusing on activities that don't increase their profits. Using Ewen's checklist regularly will really keep you focused and productive in your business which can make all the difference in the world.

And that's the end of Ewen's "Ultimate Affiliate Marketing: Step-By-Step Blueprint To Succeeding As An Affiliate Marketer!" report.

Great job Ewen!

This post is part of my review of Ewen Chia's Secret Affiliate Weapon.

My review will continue in the next post.

To making money online,
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

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