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Monday, December 05, 2005

The Misspelled Domain Name Experiment

Recently, I bought the domain name: Not, but (The difference is an "sh" instead of an "ss" in the word: bass.)

Here's how it happened...

One day I was visiting my chiropractor and picked up a business card for a guy who owns a website called He's a fishing guide in my area. His business card was compelling and made me want to check out his site.

When I got home I turned on my computer and opened my web browser. I then proceeded to look at his business card and type the following:

The site returned an error. Again, I put my cursor back in my browser address bar, looked at his card again and typed the following:

I got another error. I thought maybe the site was down but then I realized something... I had misspelled the domain name. I was typing instead of As soon as I corrected this mistake, the website opened up just fine.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks...

If I misspelled that domain TWICE IN A ROW maybe other people misspell it too. Therefore, I immediately went to Google and typed in "bash fishing". Here's the page Google returned:

At the time of this writing, Google lists 1,870 pages on the Internet that misspelled "bass fishing" exactly the same way I misspelled it: "bash fishing".

Next, I went to my favorite domain registrar to see if (the misspelling of was available. It was.

Then I went over to to see to if there were any bass fishing related info products that I could affiliate with to earn commissions. In fact, there were a few of them and the sales letters for each product looked pretty good.

So I went back to my domain registrar and registered Then I got my ClickBank affiliate link for the bass fishing info product I wanted to promote, logged into my registrar and setup a re-direct link that pointed from my newly acquired domain to my new affiliate link for the bass fishing info product. Voila!

Here's the result:

Now every time someone opens their web browser and intends to type but makes the same mistake I made and spells it, they will be re-directed to the sales page for the bass fishing info product I'm promoting. If they buy it, I'll earn a 75% commission on the $29.95 purchase price of the product. That's not too bad for 15 minutes of work.

Will this strategy make me any money?

I thought it had good potential, but it has been a few months now and I have not made any sales yet. However, just one sale per year would make this a profitable investment for me and I still believe that's possible. Only time will tell though.

Still, I'm certainly not the only one testing this strategy. A quick Google search for "misspelled domain names" will pull up hundreds of result and discussions on the subject.

Another example of this technique in action is from a popular public speaker named Fred Gleek who owns which, of course, is a misspelling of the word "speaking". In a seminar I attended where Fred spoke, he claimed to be receiving a steady flow of qualified traffic from that misspelled domain name.

If you want to try your hand at this game yourself but can't think of any misspelled domain names on your own, I just found a site that has a "misspelled domain name traffic finder" software program that you can check out for free at:

Who knows? Maybe you'll harvest your own online fortune by using misspelled domain names to your advantage... Good luck!

To making money online,
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

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